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Since the media drives much of what we discuss in AP Government I figured it would be an appropriate topic for a blog post. Media exposure is something that is unavoidable in today's society. Children, teens, and adults alike are all subjected to the many different views and opinions of the various global media outlets and media personalities. In many cases these various tv networks, newspapers, websites, radio stations, etc. present their views and opinions as fact, and in many cases the public at large accepts these views and opinions as fact.

The purpose of this post is for you to voice your thoughts on bias in the media.

Questions to consider when responding:

What are some of the effects that media bias has on you personally and society as a whole? How does it effect our current political climate and legislation? How does it contribute to our political socialization?

What are some media sources that display strong bias? Are these sources obvious about their biases or are they communicated through less obvious means?

What are some of the motivations behind reporting the news through an ideological lens?

Are there any media sources that are unbiased in the way they deliver the news? How do these media sources compare to those that do display bias?

Is it irresponsible for a journalist to report the news through an ideological lens? Should there be a code of ethics that journalist are expected to follow?

Are there any recent examples of how the media has personally influenced you on a specific issue? What was the issue; what was the media source? Why did it influence your opinion?

As the public, are there any measures that we can take to eliminate bias in the media?

Posted by mgarzio  On Dec 12, 2012 at 7:41 PM
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