Directions for Electronic Payment Form

Directions for Payment Form on the School Website

 1.       Go onto the district website, High School North, Teacher webpages, Departments, Business and Savas.


 2.      Click on WWPN-ACA.


 3.      A payment form will show up.


 4.      Click on your name and camp from the drop down menu.


 5.      List the payee of the check.


 6.      List the amount of the check.


 7.      List the reason for the expenditure.  (Salary, Expense***, etc.)


 8.      In the notes section, please list the address for the check to be sent, and any other special notes needed.  Checks will not be written and sent to your employees, if the employee has not submitted a W-9.


 9.      Sender email:  List your email address here.  You will get a copy of the submitted form.


 10.   Sender passcode (Please submit a passcode to me at that you must enter in order to verify that it was actually you that sent the request.)


 11.    Hit submit!


 ***  If your check is for an expense, please put a copy in my mailbox at school or you can scan it and email an electronic copy to me.  Since the tax rules have changed it is important that you keep the original for your taxes and I have a copy for our accountant.