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LA 4 Honors
LA 2 College Prep
LA 2 Honors

LA 4 Honors Schedule
Day 1
Crazy Youngsters/Forward from This I Believe

Day 2 Close reading of A Verb to Kill

Day 3 -Poetry

Day 4 and Day 5
continue to review poetry, and explicit vs implicit
meaning, apply the elements of poetry and E vs I to the variety of
Kubla Khan- writing your own poem (model dakota five times six or write an original sestina)

Day 6
Grammar and what makes good writing review.

Day 7 Be ready to share your favorite This I believe essay
Begin writing your own

Day 8
Seniors-Share essays and passage choice and conferences

Day 9
Students write about their choice book for the summer reading passage essay

LA 2 College Prep and Honors

Day 1
 Living in America by James Brown.   A Quilt of a Country.  

Day 2
​Read A Story of Hour by Kate Chopin.

Day 3
literary/stylistic devices in A Quilt of a Country and explicit vs implicit meaning. 
5 elements of poetry

Day 4 and prob a lot of Day 5
Elements of poetry as applied to other poems.  Read Egotripping.  Write your own!!

Day 6
Grammar and what makes good writing review.

Day 7
Come in with Into the Wild passages which address two arguments.  Have debate.  Choose passage for practice summer reading prompt.

Day 8
Students write practice Into the Wild essay.  review/conference individually. While I am conferencing, you will share passage from your choice book with two other people for understanding and usefulness in prompt.

Day 9
Students complete summer reading essay about their choice book using passage. 

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