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Marking Period 4

Students received their final exam study guide last week.  I've encouraged them to start their preparation early so that they can work on a few sections at a time.
  • Period 1's exam is on 6/18
  • Period 7's exam is on 6/19
Students are working on their Crime Scene Project; it is due 6/5.  Students are working in small groups.  They need to complete sheets/reports , create evidence and make a 3-D diorama and a tri-fold display.  While class time is given, some work may need to be completed outside of class.

Vocabulary Quiz on 5/23 - Toxicology (Chapter 9) & Handwriting (Chapter 10)

Chapter 8 Blood Spatter Vocabulary Quiz 5/17

Correction -
5/9's Vocabulary Quiz is on Ballistics, Chapter 17
Toxicology Vocabulary Quiz 5/9

Toxicolgy Poster Project due 5/7.  Students are working alone or with a partner.

Marking Period 3

Bones Vocabulary Quiz 3/14 

Entomology Quiz 2/28

Upcoming dates for Forensics:
2/7 - chapter 11 Vocabulary Quiz
2/20 - Chapter 11 test

Marking Period 2


  • Impression Test moved to 11/17; students have a study guide
  • "Impressions as Evidence" Crime Project due 1/22 - individual project which can be a poster or powerpoint; students were given 3 class periods to work on it so anything not accomplished needs to be done outside of class


Impression Test 1/11
Mid-term Exam - 1/25; students received a review packet before winter break


Chapter 15 Vocabulary Quiz 1/4
Chapter 15 Text Questions due 1/7

Fingerprint Test  12/19

Fingerprint Vocabulary Quiz 12/11

Fiber Vocabulary Quiz 11/29
Fiber Test 12/3

Marking Period 1

Hair Quiz - 11/19 period 7, 11/20 period 1;  students have a review

Students are currently working individually or with a partner on a Forensic's project, "Could Science be Interesting? Yes!!", where they have chosen a type of evidence.  The powerpoint of their topic is due in Drop Box Monday, 10/22, with a presentation to follow in class. 

Quiz 10/16 on Chapter 2, Law & Evidence

This is a general, group e-mail that I set up for Mrs. Nunziato’s Forensics’ class to notify you throughout the year of quizzes, tests and projects;  please let me know if you would like to be removed from this list.  If your child has Support, their  teacher is also part of the group and can provide follow-up discussions about preparation in Support.  Once my teacher web page is set up for this school year, the general e-mails will also be posted in the appropriate class.  To access my web page:1.       go to the district site2.       under “Schools” go to “High School North”, where you can access “Teacher Web Pages”3.       click on “HSN Depts” (left side) 4.       click on “Special Services” (or you can scroll down to it & click by putting the cursor on “HSN Depts” in #3)5.       click on “Lisa Lieb”6.       find the appropriate class!

Now for the class information  – there will be a Quiz 9/25 covering Chapter 1 (observation, eyewitnesses, vocabulary), measurement and accuracy & precision. 


An available resource is the text web site which can be accessed through Mrs. Nunziato’s Teacher Web Page; Mrs. Nunziato has taken class time to show them how to access and use the site.Any missing work that will be accepted late from this unit (for partial credit) needs to be in by this date to avoid a “0”; assignments that have been checked and discussed will not be accepted late.
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