Fall Drama

FALL DRAMA 2018 November 15 - 17 Auditions: 9/17 or 9/18 from 3-5:30 in the theater Cloud 7, by Max Wilk

THE STORY: Newton Reece, who has spent most of his adult life discovering new ways to take the flavor out of frozen foods, rebels. He decides that while he's still young he should take some time for himself to do the things he really enjoys—like playing his trumpet, and being with his wife and daughter. Mary, his wife, is less excited about this idea than Newt is. It's not part of the “proper suburban way of life” at all. But Sally, his teenage daughter, is delighted. Some of Mary's PTA friends are charmed by Newt, but the grocery and the bank cut off his credit immediately. Newt's boss is convinced Newt must have a better offer from another frozen foods firm, and he comes up with one lavish bid after another, in an attempt to persuade Newt to stay with the old firm. Through all this, Newt manages to straighten out the lives of a couple of unhappy neighbors, but will he be able to persuade his wife that everyone should be entitled to a little relaxation and fun - and a chance to follow a dream?

D. Barstow Trumbull: A dignified man in his fifties; CEO of United Foods
Trumbull’s Secretary: A young woman in her late 20s
Newton Reece: A man in his mid-30s; former employee of United Foods
A Commuter: A guy or gal in a three-piece suit
Sally Reece: A sixteen-year-old high school student; Mary and Newt’s daughter
Russ: Sally’s boyfriend, a seventeen-year-old with progressive ideas
Mary Reece: Newt’s wife, also in her mid-30s;  a loving, but somewhat traditional housewife
Mr. Beismuller: A man in his mid-50s, with a long career in laundry pickup and delivery
William Doubleday: A man in his 50s; manager of the local bank
Mr. Marlowe: A man in his 40s; a down-in-the-mouth, long-term employee of the local bank
Fiona Bostwick: Newt and Mary’s neighbor; frustrated by her husband’s many hobbies
A delivery person: A young entrepreneur; late teens or twenties
Mrs. Potter: A woman in her 40s; head of the local PTA
Mrs. Doubleday: William’s Doubleday’s wife
Mrs. Finch: A woman in her 40s; a member of the local PTA
Dudley R. Bostwick: Fiona’s husband; a man of many hobbies, and a 20% discount at the local department store
Helga Quinn: A woman in her 30s; a local real estate agent

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