Capitol Hill

No trip to Washington, D. C. would be complete without a visit to the seat of our nation's power, Capitol Hill.  It is here that the Congress of the United States meets and debates the business of America.

 capitol hill This view of the Capitol shows three U. S. flags flying.  The flag in the middle is flown twenty fours a day on both the east and west sides of the building.  The flag closest and furthest away fly over the House and Senate chambers.  When these flags are flying it indicated that both groups are in session.

The floor of the House of Representatives holds historical significance to many Americans.  Here is where presidents past and present have delivered world changing speeches. Students are given passes to gain seating in the upper gallery section where they have the opportunity to view the House of Representatives in action. 

 Additionally our representative in congress meets with our group one morning before the House gets started.  Students have an opportunity to sit in the same seats as many famous Americans.

 Students are given a guided tour of the U. S. Capitol building including Statuary Hall.  This room was used as a meeting place for the House of Representatives after it was rebuilt following the War of 1812.  States were invited to submit two statues of prominent citizens to represent their interests.  It is one of the most visited rooms by tourists.  Statuary Hall

As part of our guided tour students had the opportunity to step into the rotunda of the U. S. Capitol.  Perhaps most prominent is the paint on the ceiling titled The Apotheosis of Washington.  Painted in 1865 by Constantino Brumidi, an immigrant, he painted his vision of George Washington ascending into the heavens.  A more detailed explanation of the painting and its symbolism may be found at

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 You may even get to see a protest as was taking place the day we visited.  Here the protesters are lined up outside the capitol holding cases saying "Where Are The Jobs"  These people peacefully stood there staring up at the building silently asking the question on many Americans minds.

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