AP Statistics

**Click here for the Countdown to the 2019 AP Statistics Exam!!**

Happy last full week of school! I am out this whole week (including 6/18) to grade the AP Statistics exam, BUT 
you will report to the UDH each day we meet.  

Our class meets 4 days for the week of June 11.  The first 2 days you will do a complete solution INCLUDING THE RUBRIC for each of the six open-ended questions for the 2018 AP Statistics exam .  You may turn in one per group (your EOY project group). Please turn in each day what you have done and make sure to have completed all 6 by the end of the 2nd meeting day.  The 2nd two days we meet you will work on solving the AP Statistics Murder Mystery - can you do it??  Please turn in each day what you have done.

On Monday, June 18, you can do these mental math puzzles!  

See you Tuesday, June 19th! 

A GREAT site for info on AP Exams:  CollegeBoard

**Click here for the countdown to the 2018 AP Statistics Exam**


Chapter 14 hw:  
#1 Leaning Tower of Pisa, #2 (Euro), and #3 (Business)

2 Day 10 - 14.1 Test!!   
**Look at Chapter 14 to see test template** 
**1st day: Week of PARCC, 4/17-19 
50 min, 2nd day: Fri, 4/20 30 min** 


DAY 1:  4 Free Response questions ~50 minutes

DAY 2: 1 Free Response question & 1 Investigative Task ~45 minutes

DAY 3: ~ half of Multiple Choice ~45 minutes

DAY 4:  rest of Multiple Choice ~45 minutes




Friday (B), April 27

Day 1


Monday (C), April 30


Day 1

Wednesday (A), May 2

Day 2

Day 2

Thursday (B), May 3

Day 3


Friday (C), May 4


Day 3

Monday (D), May 7

Day 4

Day 4

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