The choral program at WWPHS North is open to any student with consideration to grade level, class size, ability, and the balance of voice parts.  There are two curricular ensemble levels:  the Chorale, which is open to all students who have not participated in the choral program at North, and the Concert Choir, an advanced SATB performing ensemble for which students either audition or are recommended.  The music is our textbook.

It is tradition for the choirs to work closely with the band and orchestra, as a team, to benefit the students, the music department, High School North, and further represent North and the District through musical excellence.  Our success can be measured on how much we care to touch lives through music.  Students need not be the best singers to join a choir.  However, every student who chooses to become a member is expected to improve.  That growth increases musical ability.


In consistency with all other high-school music courses within WW-P,
the grading profile will be broken down as follows...

Music HS



Assessments & Performance Tasks


70% of final grade


  • Class Progress Participation & Assessment (35%)
  • Lesson Participation & Assessment (35%)


Lesson Practice & Progress Checks


30% of final grade


  • Concert Performance (15%)
  • Written Assignments & Critiques (15%)


Assessments & Performance Tasks = 70% of final grade:
Class Progress Participation & Assessment (35%)
True ownership is demonstrated through punctuality, preparedness, and engagement--especially observed as focus and energy (posture, eye contact, etc.).
See the two Participation Rubrics linked below in the document container -- one is a "Daily" Rubric and the other is a "Marking-Period" Rubric

Students are tested through performance of drills, repertoire, diction excerpts, memorization, etc.  This often involves solfege, conducting or hand-signs, etc. 
(See Vocal Performance Rubric basics linked below in the document container)

Lesson Participation & Assessment (35%)
Students are assigned to a lab once a week (or biweekly) during study hall.  Labs are intended to give students support, individualize instruction, and assess individual progress.  They must be present, on time, and PREPARED, and demonstrate the expected focus and energy.

Lesson Practice & Progress Checks = 30% of final grade:
Concert Performance (15%)
Students who are in attendance for all concerts, perform in an acceptable manner, and remain for the entire concert will earn an "A" for doing so.  Students EXCUSED from a concert may be asked to take a written exam or write a paper.  Students with an unexcused absence will automatically earn a zero and/or have a grade lowered for the marking period, per District Music Department Policy.

Written Assignments & Critiques (15%)
Most homework is scored based solely on completion, not correctness, whereas tests/quizzes are scored on accuracy.

*Rubrics used to assess the above are contained below:

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