HSN Choirs & the 21st Cent. Competencies

HSN & the 21st Cent. Competencies

Innovative & Practical Problem SolverStudents must view failure as an opportunity to learn and understand that creativity and innovation (in musical performance) is a long-term, cyclical process of small successes and frequent mistakes.  They must also constantly observe situations and identify the problem and potential solution, reflect critically on learning experiences and processes, and extend and/or transfer the learning to new musical situations.

Effective Communicator
Students communicate effectively with their unique, individual voice through the universal language of music, and, through practice in Concert Choir, gain an increased ability to do so beyond the classroom, as independent composers and performers.  They must also demonstrate effective communication through expected contributions to rehearsal and lab in the form of questions, answers, discussions, individual and small-group performances, and more.

Collaborative Team Member
… Students demonstrate this daily through ensemble preparation and performance.  They must understand and commit to the goals of the group, demonstrate respect for self and others, positively interact, follow directions, both accept personal responsibility and assume shared responsibility for collaborative work, demonstrate dependability and reliability, actively listen to others, and utilize feedback.  Most importantly, they are expected to inspire others to reach their very best via example and selflessness, demonstrating integrity.

Flexible & Self-Directed Learner… Students demonstrate this through personal vocal and musical development – particularly as they are required to take ownership of their responsibilities and take risks.  Students must arrive on time and prepared, self-manage their behavior and remain focused, consistently demonstrate sufficient energy, ask questions to clarify their understanding, know when and how to seek assistance, deal positively with praise, criticism, and setbacks.  Most specifically, through journals, they must set their own individual vocal, musical, and leadership goals, determine their action plan, and regularly self-assess their progress.

Globally Aware, Active, & Responsible Student/Citizen… Students demonstrate this through their daily positive contributions to the ensemble, school, and community (often in the form of performances and fundraisers), as they exhibit initiative and commitment to the goals of the choir and the school.  They are constantly required to be accountable to the ensemble.

Information Literate Researcher… As students learn (both independently and collaboratively) about the historical/cultural and artistic contexts of the literature they perform, they gain insights that positively impact their eventual performance in significant ways.  They develop a richer, deeper understanding of not only their own repertoire, but also of the broader choral and other musical repertoire.  They also use technological resources such as YouTube to research recorded performances in order to enlighten their own.

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