Progress Tracker

Progress Tracker

 In the document contained below (please open, save, and print) is your individual progress tracker.  You will complete it in periodic intervals (probably once per marking period, maybe just twice within the year).  Within it, you will identify your current specific strengths and specific areas for desired improvement / development.  You will also articulate your own specific vocal, musical, and leadership goals.  Doing so regularly will allow you and I to chart your progress over time.  Thus, this is a continuously evolving, “living document” so you should never delete or alter previous entries.  You are responsible for keeping (either in electronic format or stapled, hard-copy form) your dated collection of entries from now until you graduate, at which point you will be able to see and show your evolution as a singer / musician.


The template on the form below will be stored here on my teacher web page and can be emailed to each student, and yours must be stored by you (however you choose).  Hard copies will be available to you upon request, as well.  You will submit your current entries to me in hard copy by due dates to be announced, and they will count toward your homework grade.


Once you submit each entry, we will discuss together how you assessed yourself, and what you chose as goals and you will revise if necessary, for your own benefit, but the grade is for simply completing and maintaining this journal satisfactorily and accurately.  So, when you describe and “score” your voice and skill level, even if/when you feel no progress has been made, please don’t write what you think I want to hear… just be honest, with yourself and with me.


The idea is for this to be a highly personalized, relevant, efficient, meaningful tool for both you and me in planning and assessing your ongoing vocal, musical, and leadership development!  It is NOT intended to be a waste of your time, but it will be if you fail to put care into it.


It will only be as valuable as you make it!


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