Vocal Production Fundamentals

Vocal Production Fundamentals

1.  Relaxed jaw (released)… only about a finger’s worth of space between teeth.

2.  Relaxed tongue (especially the base)… the tip of a fully relaxed tongue
will rest up at the roof of the mouth behind the top teeth.

3.  Low Vertical Laryngeal Position (VLP) when singing… this means the
larynx is down – ideally, slightly below the resting position. This is related
to the relaxation of the base of the tongue, and can be monitored with your hand.

4.  Glottal efficiency… sound originates at the glottal level (in the space
between the vocal folds). You must be aware of its location and the feelings
you experience through glottal vibration.  Efficiency amounts to closure,
wasting as little air (leakage) as possible.  The vocal fry is a gentle way to
practice glottal efficiency and increase self-awareness / bio-feedback.

5.  Open throat (not open mouth)… the goal is resonance throughout the entire resonating space (pharyngeal cavity), not primarily oral resonance. 
Yawning with a relaxed jaw helps to practice this stretching feeling.

* When it comes to vocal production, you must always monitor the feeling rather than the sound.


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