Homework Assignments
**All assignments must be submitted through WWP email or Google mail, unless otherwise stated**

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Healthcare Professions Summary (due 9/8)

Research a self-selected healthcare provider.  Write a 1-2 page summary using the following criteria:

1. Define & describe the profession
2. Education Requirements
3. Work Settings
4. Salary
5. Trivia (any information you found interesting/pertinent that does not fit into the first four criteria)

**Assignments may be double-spaced, no larger than 12 font, & margins no wider than 1".  Must submit through WWP e-mail or Google mail**
Medical History Forms (due Wednesday 9/16)

Create a medical history form using the following criteria:
1. At least 1-2 pages
2. Contain the following:
1. Demographic Information (Name, Address, Gender, etc.)
2. Personal Health History
3. Family Health History
4. Immunization History
3. How the forms are formatted are completely up to you.  DO NOT copy & paste forms!!! You may use a similar format for sections, but do not copy & paste.
Joint Movement Homework (due Tues 9/22)
1. Watch Monday Night Football, or a video of an athletic movement
2. Using your worksheet from class, analyze the movement to complete the worksheet.
**The worksheet can also be found in the "Handouts" link**