Mr. Bond

As online educational media and resources continue to grow and develop, websites remain an excellent source of support for both students and parents as well as other lifelong learners. Students, please use the site to help support your learning while remembering that all day to day work will be conducted through Google Classroom.  

I will again be using Google Classroom to support student learning in and out of the classroom.  The Google platform is a superior resource when it comes to day to day interaction with students than the website.  But the website is still a very helpful resource which is why I continue to update it to support student achievement and articulate philosophy, approaches to learning, assessment expectations and curricular aims.  
 While students are fully aware of the support Google Classroom affords them in achieving their goals, parents do not have direct access without student permission - therefore I will try to outline as many of the protocols and practices that I utilize and design in the tabs that sit on the top left of each page.  Parents - if any information here seems out of date or insufficient - please e-mail me at and I will respond accordingly to address issues, comments, questions, and concerns. 

Please enjoy the two videos below which articulate and outline some valid rationales for why we study history.

Why Do We Study History (Remastered) from James Nagle on Vimeo.