Prospering in AP Euro & Extra Work Oppotunities

The secret of prospering in this class is to DO three things, NURTURE three habits and APPLY three skills.

You must do the following 3 things to prosper in this class
            1. Read all the assigned material for understanding.
            2. Come to every class ready to think, learn and work.
            3. Every night spend at least 30 minutes working on AP Euro (even if there 
                is not assigned homework).

It will help you immensely if you develop and or nurture the following habits
            1. Organize your learning into a notebook (whether it's reading 
                outlines, answers to questions or notes or homework checks we 
                do in class)
            2. Make learning fun, by working with study teams and/or by using 
                the internet to expand your readings or research into the topic
                area were covering.
            3. Engage your teacher and/or classmates in discussion to help you better 
                understand what your studying - ask questions and listen to 
                your teacher and fellow classmates.

To be able to show me what you've learned you must apply the following skills
            1. Express your thoughts freely with me and with your classmates.
            2. Write effectively and persuasively.
            3. Collaborate with your classmates in group work and in large 
                class discussions.

The following are my rules and procedures that outline my expectations for you while in this class.