WW-P North National History Day


WW-P North National History Day


“Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History"

Every year National History Day frames students' research within a historical theme. The theme is chosen for the broad application to world, national or state history and its relevance to ancient history or to the more recent past. The 2015-16 year's theme is "Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History".  NHD intentionally selects its theme to provide an opportunity for students to push past history as mere facts and dates and drill down into historical content to develop context, perspective and understanding.

Think of the theme as a gateway to increased historical understanding or a  lens to investigate whatever time, place, event and/or person in history that interests you and your partner/s.  Have fun exploring and unpacking the treasures you find.  Focus on what interests you and then think about how what you uncover, relates to the theme.  

The links to the upper left will help support your journey this year, use the site often and the resources provided and check the calendar to keep up with events.  Good luck North NHDers!!!

The video below was created by Sally Jiao (former WW-P NHDer and now a student at Princeton University) - Thanks Sally!  Her work portrays from a past NHD student the passion, interests and magic that is a part of the NHD experience.  Below Sally's video is another great introduction to NHD that highlights its benefactor Kenneth E. Behring.  Think about how his passion and personal interests drove him to become who he is and why he supports NHD so strongly.