Handouts and Readings

Enclosed you will find information that will help you study for your midterm.  The review sheet includes an overview of your essay which is 75% of your mid-term grade.  Make sure that you use the prompt, rubric and directions to help your prepare for this in class writing assignment - it is OK to research and prepare your self ahead of time for this writing assessment.  You will not be able to use any notes or an outline the day you write - but that does not mean that you shouldn't  take advantage of creating an outline ahead of time to help your visually organize your Thesis (Main Idea) and supporting topics and details.  Remember, a good essay is organized just the same way as a good outline.

The Five Paragraph Essay

1 introductory paragraph that introduces your main idea and any important background info,

3 topic paragraphs
that argue the three most important points supporting your thesis (or answer the three most important questions that are necessary to understand in order to understand your main idea) and

1 conclusionary paragraph that wraps up the jist of your essay and reemphasizes the main idea in a influential or inspirational way).