UNIT OVERVIEW As Europe emerged from the Middle Ages, the foundation for a dynamic era of trading, global discovery and state building developed that would affect the lives of rich and poor for centuries. During the Italian Renaissance, humanists rediscov- ered texts from classical Greece and Rome. Renaissance artists and scholars celebrated the beauty of nature and the dignity of humankind, helping to shape the intellectual and cultural history of the modern world. During the fifteenth century, the masters of the Renaissance further developed the advancements of Giotto and Massaccio. The role of the artist changed with the extended patronage of wealthy families first in the Italian states then in the rest of Europe. The artistic flowering began in Florence in quat- trocento moving to Rome by 1500 with the high Renaissance.

After a period of adherence to one religion, headquartered in Rome, abuses in the Church led to calls for reform. These calls for reform eventually divided Europe into Protestant and Catholic camps. Religious conflict and wars would tear Europe apart, leading to reform in the Church but leaving permanent religious divi- sions. Wars fought in the name of religion broke out within and between European states, beginning in the late 16th century and culminating in the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648). By 1600, the pattern of religious adherence had largely been established for the future of Europe.


holbein  cranach
 The Ambassadors
 Martin Luther
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The Late Medieval World
Class 01 & 02   Overview of the development of European Society
Class 03 & 04  Foundation of the Modern World
Class 05 Credo in unum "Religion": Religion in late Medieval Europe Pt. 1
Class 06 Credo in unum "Religion": Religion in late Medieval Europe Pt. 2
Class 07 The Emerging Commercial Society
Class 08 The Development of the Modern State
The World of the Renaissance
Class 09 & 10 Renaissance Society: or You'd want to be born rich
Class 11 & 12 From the divine to the sublime: Humanist Culture
Class 13 Humanist Poster Boy: Sir Thomas More
Class 14 & 15 A New Way to Show the World or Art Shock and Awe
Class 16 & 17 From Masaccio to Michelangelo, or Vasari and Sr. Wendy on the Artists
Class 18 Elements of the Modern State, or Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine
Class 19 & 20 The Italian States, or Can't They Just Get Along
Class 21 Test: Foundation of the Modern World & the World of the Renaissance
The Protestant Reformation
Class 22 & 23 Reform or Revolution? The Continuing Problem
Class 24 & 25 Colloquy on the Church and Salvation (Preparation)
Class 26 & 27 Colloquy on the Church and Salvation
Class 28 & 29 The Henrican Church, or Pope and King
Class 30 The Elizabethan Church, or In Medio Stat Virtu!
Class 31 French Religious Wars, or Oh, What's a Mother to Do?
Class 32 The Throne and the Mass in Paris: Henry, Henry, Henry
Class 33 Cuius regio, eius religio, or To each His Own, If You're the Prince
Class 34 The Spanish Hapsburgs: Like Father, Like Son, not really
Class 35 Test: Reformation, Catholic Reform and the Age of Religious Wars
Class 36 & 37 Working with Primary Documents in Euro, or Working the DBQ
 DBQ Documents
Class 38 Grading the DBQ
   Writing Sample A
     Writing Sample B
     Writing Sample C
Class 39 In-class DBQ: Analysis

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