World History Unit 03

Unit 3 Essent

Class Handouts
The Fifty Year Conflict: 1914-1945
Prelude to the 20th Century
Class 01 Intro to Unit Three
Class 01a The First Half of the 20th
World War, Part One, '14-'19
Class 02 The MAIN Causes of War
Class 03 Where the War Is: The Fronts of War
Class 04
The New War: Technologies and Home
Class 05 Reflections of War: Art, Music and Poetry of War
Class 06 The End of War: A Measure of Time, Treasure and Talent
Class 07 The End of War: A Just Peace or Just Peace
Class 08 The Peace of Paris, 1919 Simulation Preparation
 Handout, Part One
 Handout, Part Two
Class 10 The Peace of Paris, 1919 Conference 
Class 12 The Treaty of Versailles
Revolutions in Russia, Mexico and China
Class 14 The Russian Revolution
Class 15 The Mexican Revolution
Class 16 The Revolution in China
Between the Wars: Age of Anxiety
Class 17  Economic and Social Changes, Part One 
Class 18 Economic and Social Changes, Part Two
Class 19 The Rise of Total Rule; Mussolini
Class 20 The Rise of Steel Rule: Stalin
Class 21 The Most Infamous Man: Hitler
World War, Part Two, ('31) '39-'45
Class 22  The Road to War                    
World War II, German Ascendency
Class 24
Class 25 World War II, Allies Success
Class 29 Ending the War
Common Assessment #4
Class 32  Common Assessment #4
Class 33  Background Information 

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