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Marking Period 4
Amendment Quiz on 6/10

The final exam will be given over 2 daysThe study guide and essay rubric can be found in "Handouts".

  • The essay will be written during the last class before finals - period 4 on 6/14, period 1 on 6/17
  • The objective portion will be taken during the exam schedule on 6/18

Vocabulary Quiz 6/4 - Ford - Reagan


The AS 2 test covering JFK, LBJ & Vietnam War was divided into 2 days.  Students have answered  questions on 2 documents and completed the essay.  On Tuesday they will complete the matching and multiple choice portion, so they should be reviewing over the weekend.

Chapters 29 &31 Unit Test - JFK, LBJ & Vietnam War
     Period 1 on 5/23
     Period 4 on 5/24
Look for study guide to be e-mailed tomorrow/weekend

Vocabulary Quiz for Chapters 29 & 31:
     5/7 - Period 1
      5/8 - Period 4

Marking Period 3

Upcoming dates:
3/19 - Chapters 26 & 27 due; Washington Seminar students can show it to her when they return, though I'd encourage them to complete it before going
4/2 - Chapters 26 7 27 Vocabulary Quiz
Change in due dates for Civil Rights Book Presentations
4/3 - period 1, 4/4 - period 4

The Civil Rights Test will be either 3/14 or 3/15.  A review will be given to students by Monday.


Today students were introduced to the Marking Period 3Common Assessment for AS2.  In assigned groups of 3 or 4, students will be writing and illustrating a children’s book  on the Civil Rights Movement on the computer.  Each group chose their topic, targeted a grade level and began to brainstorm ideas.  They worked in the library today and will have3 more periods during class to work on it, with access to the lap top computers.  On presentation day each group will read their book to the class.  Presentation days are 3/18 for period 1 and 3/19 for period4.  I touched base with each group today.

 Heads up – the Civil Rights test will be shortly after HSPA’s are finished.  I have spoken to each student, encouraging them to spend time reviewing people, groups and events so that they are fresh in their mind come test time.  I’ve suggested the use of flashcards (which could just be adding details to ones made for vocabulary) or organizing the information in a table.  While there are similarities between groups and some events they need to also note the differences (ie Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Freedom Rides both involved buses – the boycott’s purpose was to desegregate buses in terms of seating for blacks and whites, while the rides were to desegregate interstate travel facilities).  Once I have a date I’ll let you know.


The Civil Rights and New Left Vocabulary Quiz will be2/13.  There are a number of acronyms included (ie SCLC = SouthernChristian Leadership Conference, SNCC = Student Non-violent CoordinatingCommittee)  so this is an especially good unit to make flashcards to aidin studying.  Students should also know what the organizations do.

Marking Period 2


  • Holocaust/Schindler's List Essay should be sent today
  • Mid-term Exam Overview e-mailed today; it can also be accessed through "Handouts" for this course


  • Holocaust/Schindler's List Essay due 1/22 - Mrs. Bond will e-mail the question will  today 
  • A study guide for the Mid-Term Exam is being prepared.  Period 1 will take it 1/25 and period 4 will take it 1/29.  The majority of the questions are document-based and a few are knowledge-based.

Holocaust reader and vocabulary quiz::
Period1 on 1/17
Period 4 on 1/18

Upcoming Dates:

  • WWII & Dictatorships Test - period 4 on 1/10, period 1 on 1/11; review will be sent by Monday
  • Schindler's List questions due  - period 4 on 1/14, period 1 on 1/15
Vocabulary Quiz 12/10 on Chapters 24 & 25

Stock Market Crash, Great Depression & New Deal test on 11/26 for period 4 and 11/27 for  period 1; a study guide will be e-mailed to students today or they can get it from Mrs. Bond's web page

Marking Period 1


Common Assessment
- 11/14; while this assessment is document based & students can't study for it, they should come in mentally prepared :)

Vocabulary Quiz for Chapters 22 & 23 - period 1 on 11/15, period 4 on 11/16

1920's Unit Test on 10/25.  The review has been e-mailled to students by Mrs. Bond or they can access and print it through her teacher web page.

1920's Vocabulary Quiz on 10/15

Test covering the Progressive Era & WW2 on 10/3.

This is a general, group e-mail that I set up for Mrs. Bond’s AS 2 class to notify you throughout the year of quizzes, tests and projects;  please let me know if you would like to be removed from this list.  If your child has Support, their  teacher is also part of this group and can provide follow-up discussions about preparation during Support.  This year I have also added students to the group.Once my teacher web page is set up for this school year, the general e-mails will also be posted in the appropriate class.  To access my web page:1.       go to the district site2.       under “Schools” go to “High School North”, where you can access “Teacher Web Pages”3.       click on “HSN Depts” (left side) 4.       click on “Special Services” (or you can scroll down to it & click by putting the cursor on “HSN Depts” in #3)5.       click on “Lisa Lieb”6.       find the appropriate class! Now for the class information you’ve been waiting for – there will be a Progressive Era & WWI  Vocabulary Quiz 9/20.  Students have a “First Semester Syllabus” which provides dates for when each unit’s  vocabulary is due, the vocabulary quiz and the exam.


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