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Marking Period 4


Students have begun creating questions for the finalexam.  Each student has 2 topics.  For each topic they need to write 2multiple choice questions (with 4 answer choices each, so a - d) and 1 short answer/diagramquestion.  The questions need to be sentto Mr. Corriveau digitally by Monday, 6/17. 

**Period 1 – students who were absent from class were assigned topics& should check the list**

The exam will consist of 40 multiple choice questions and 10short answer questions, with the student answering 5 of them.   Students can go to Mr. Corriveau’s site tosee which topics have been chosen by their classmates to help focus theirstudying.  Period 1 takes the exam on6/18 and period 7 on 6/19.


The last Environmental unit before exams looks at Alternative Energy.  The goal is to propose a way for High School North to become self-sufficient energy-wise; the amount of energy produced by the school = amount of energy it uses.  Students were given 4 months of electric and gas bills for the high school.

Student’s will be working in small groups (some have chosen to work alone)to solve this problem.  They have to identify the information needed to help solve the problem as well as research  available alternative energy.  They will be using the Decision Making Model that was introduced earlier in the year.  In the Decision Making Model  they need to examine 4 values, with their research identifying: 

·         Short term local effects

·         Long term local effects

·         Short term global effects

·         Long term global effects

One value must be environmental impacts, one economics  and they need to choose two others, which can be found in the following power point link- http://envscience.pbworks.com/w/file/46173332/Notes%20-%20Decision%20Making.ppt   Click “download” and print!

If the link doesn’t work:

·         go to Mr. Corriveau’s site (envscience.pbworks.com)

·         Open “Old Class Notes” under Navigator on the right side

·         Open “Notes – Decision Making ppt”

·         Download the notes, print

Economically they also need to determine the overall cost of their proposed changes and provide a break-even timeline.  A 3-D scale model is to be created of the school  property and their proposed alterations.

This is due June 14.

Air Pollution Quiz on 5/16.  Topics include smog/"Smog City", air quality, acid rain, information from videos, Chapter 12, how to improve/alleviate it

Marking Period 3

Assignment due dates:
3/15 - Thermohaline Circulation activity write-up needs to be e-mailed to Miss Sacca
3/18 - NOAA Tutorial worksheet to be handed in during class
3/22 - An Inconvenient Truth response needs to be e-mailed to Miss Sacca; students who missed all or part of the video need to watch it (see web page for information)

Students are working in small groups to research and present information related to understanding climate.  Presentations are 1/11 for period 7, 1/13 for period 1.

Marking Period 2

The Mid-Term Exam is 1/25; a study guide is being e-mailed home today

US Agriculture PSA due 12/19.  This is an individual project.  The video needs to be uploaded to youtube then the youtube link needs to be sent to Miss Pasewark's e-mail by 11:59 pm on the 19th. 

Due 12/20 - "What are you eating?" packet & peer meeting notes

Marking Period 1
Students have been watching and discussing King Corn in class and now need to prepare a response.  There are 4 questions to be addressed. Their response is due to turnitin.com by 11:59 pm  on 11/11.
Population Growth project presentations are due in drop box by 11:59 pm on 10/25.  Students are working in groups of 3; class time is being provided but outside work may be involved.  Presentations to follow!

Responses to the video Demographic Winter are dur to turnitin.com before 11:59 pm tomorrow evening (11/18).  Students received the prompt in advance along with a notesheet.  The video was also periodically stopped and discussed.


A mini project  - "New Car!" - is due 10/1 for period 7 and 10/2 for period 4.  Aside from doing car and insurance research they need to print the information showing that the car exists.

This is a general, group e-mail that I set up for Mr. Corriveau’s Environmental class to notify you throughout the year of quizzes, tests and projects;  please let me know if you would like to be removed from this list.  If your child has Support, their  teacher is also part of this  group and can provide follow-up discussions about preparation during Support.  This year I have also added students to the group.Once my teacher web page is set up for this school year, the general e-mails will also be posted in the appropriate class.  To access my web page:1.       go to the district site2.       under “Schools” go to “High School North”, where you can access “Teacher Web Pages”3.       click on “HSN Depts” (left side) 4.       click on “Special Services” (or you can scroll down to it & click by putting the cursor on “HSN Depts” in #3)5.       click on “Lisa Lieb”6.       find the appropriate class! Now for the class information you’ve been waiting for – the “Environmental Issue Project” is due 9/19 for period 7 & 9/20 for period 1.  This is an independent project involving a power point and presentation.  Information regarding the project – and what happens in class on a daily basis – can be found at http://envscience.pbworks.com .  This site should be bookmarked/identified as a “Favorite” for your child on the home computer.  Mr. Corriveau uses this site (not the district teacher web page) to communicate what is done in class each day by period.  The most recent date will be at the top when you go into the class period  (on right side).  Within the days description are links – in blue – to activities, hand-outs, notes and projects.  If a student is absent, an assignment is lost or there’s a question about homework, all one has to do is check the site.  If absent, the site should be checked and the assignment completed if possible.  For assignments where more information is needed (possibly a lab) the assignment should be printed and a make-up time or clarification of directions discussed with Mr. Corriveau upon return.
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