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Marking Period 4

Students received their final exam study guide last week.  I've encouraged them to start their preparation early so that they can work on a few sections at a time.

  • Period 4's Exam is on 6/18
  • Period 2's Exam is on 6/20

Students have been working on their "Create a Crime Unit Project" in class.  The project is due 6/14, with tomorrow the last class period devoted to working on it.   Students are working in groups.  They have papers/reports to complete, evidence to collect and a tri-fold display to create.


Handwriting Quiz - period 2 on 5/17, period 4 on 5/20

Marking Period 3
Death and Body Quiz - 2/6 for period 2, 2/7 for period 4
includes the mortis' - algor, rigor & livor

Marking Period 2
Impression Test 1/16
Mid-term Exam - 1/29; students received a review packet before winter break & it is due

Fingerprint Quiz 12/12; students received a study guide today

Fiber Quiz 11/27; students received a study guide today

Marking Period 1

Hair Quiz 11/12

Students are currently working individually or with a partner on a Forensic's project, "Could Science be Interesting? Yes!!", where they have chosen a type of evidence.  The powerpoint of their topic is due in Drop Box Sunday, 10/21, with a presentation to follow in class. 

Crime Scene Quiz on 10/12.  Students should review chapter 2 plus notes on evidence, crime scene sketching and Locard's Exchange Principle.

This is a general group e-mail that I set up for Mrs. Conrad's class to notify you throughout the year of tests, quizzes and projects; please let me know if you would like to be removed from this list.  If your child has Support, their teacher is also a part of the group and can provide follow-up discussions about preparation in Support.  Students also receive the e-mails.

There will be a Quiz 9/27 covering Chapter 1 (observation, eyewitnesses, vocabulary), lab safety & equipment, accuracy & precision, inference & fact, law & evidence, the 4th Amendment, standards & rulings, types of evidence and the role of different forensic scientists.  Students will receive a review next week.

Any missing work that will be accepted late from this unit (for partial credit) needs to be in by the day of the quiz to avoid a "0"; assignments that have been checked and discussed will not be accepted late.

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