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Marking Period 4

Quiz 6/5  covering wave presentations, optics & kinematics

Waves and Sound Test on 5/23
Due by 5/23:
     Measuring the Speed of Sound completed in the lab book
     Presentation of wave/sound application
Wave Quiz 5/10

Marking Period 3
Momentum and Energy Test on 2/22

Marking Period 2

Circular Motion & Gravity Quiz 1/11

Students began working on their "Physics History Project" yesterday; this is a small group project.  The individual portion is due 12/17 - typed outline and bibliography for their part of the research.  At least 2 scholarly sources are needed.  Group presentations will be 12/20 & 12/21.

12/4 - Projectile Motion Quiz
12/10 - Projectile Motion Test
12/11 - Projectile Motion Lab Due

Dynamics Test 11/28 - Newton's Laws, friction & two-body problems

Friction Quiz 11/20
New Policy - homework will be given but not graded; in place of grading homework, students will be given more frequent quizzes

Marking Period 1
11/13 - Newton's 3rd Law and 2 Body Problems Quiz 
            "Equal and Opposite Quantitative" activity also due if it hasn't been turned in

A "Dynamics Unit Schedule" can be accessed through Mrs. SooHoo's teacher web page:
    open "Honors Physics" on the left
    scroll down & open "MR HUESTON'S DOCUMENT FOLDER" near the bottom
    open "Unit 3 (Dynamics)"
    open "Dynamics Unit Schedule"

Dates could change but it gives a great overview of the unit.  Once assigned, homework is due the next day.  Once a lab is completed the due date for the lab book will be added underneath the lab.

Two helpful columns for supplemental material:
    "Book Page #" - 2nd from right; corresponding text information to supplement the packet information/notes, which could help in one's approach and analysis of packet problems, homework & test/quiz problems
    "Corresponding . . ." - far right; extra practice problems in the text that one could do if needed
Opportunities & dates:
10/12 - revisions due; can be made to all homeworks to date for improved grades
10/16 - Free Fall lab due in lab book; revisions due for the first lab for improved grade

10/10 - Kinematics Unit Test
Students have a 2 week schedule covering 9/28 - 10/12.  The schedule includes an optional list of kinematics problems found in the text if extra practice is needed.

Two dates:
10/2 - "When Will the Cars Meet?" lab to be completed in lab book

10/3 - Quiz covering motion diagrams, graphs (postion vs time, velocity vs time), position function formula

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