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Suggestions From Mr. Collura


Suggestions on Class Notebooks:


  1. At the top of the first page of each days notes write down the section number and title, and the date.


  1. Make a note of what you are supposed to be learning today (Such as: How do you solve for an unknown?)


  1. Take notes on keywords and phrases such as one you do not know or understand, or words you know but are new to the current situations.


  1. Understand and copy examples done by the teacher. Ask questions on parts you do not understand and then write down the explanation in a form you will understand later.


  1. Make a note (such as an **) on problems the teacher says they like or spends a lot of time on. They may show up again.


  1. On the next pages do your homework for that night (See tips for doing homework).


  1. The next day start new notes on a new page.


  1. When taking notes in class it is important to ask yourself lots of questions like: “What does this problem I have in front of me represent?”, “What are the directions asking me to do with it?”, How am I going to solve this problem?”, “What should the solution look like?”. At all times it is important to ask yourself why am I doing what I am doing. 


  1. Note: “How am I going to solve this problem?” is a very important question but long term success (doing well on the final and midterm ) depends on answering most if not all of the questions above especially “Why am I doing what I am doing?” .


  1. Most successful students listen and follow me for 1 or 2 problems and when I call for their attention. Then they are 10 – 15 seconds ahead of me while also looking up to see if they are completing the problem correctly. In short, they are thinking for themselves.


Suggestions for doing Homework:


  1. Don’t eat, drink, or listen to music while doing your homework. Ignore the phone. These things distract you, you won’t learn as much and IT TAKES LONGER.


  1. Use your notes, the examples done in class and in the book to help you. Look for similarities in the problems as clues for doing the homework.


  1. Answers to the odd problems are in the back of the book. Don’t look until you’ve completed the problem or you have tried to the best of your ability. If you got an answer wrong find out what you did wrong. This will help you understand what you are doing.


  1. Make an extreme effort to complete the problem. Often the effort is more important than the right answer. If you can’t complete the problem leave it for class the next day. We will spend time in the beginning of class working on homework problems the class had difficulty with. (CAUTION: I am not going to do all the problems.)


  1. Put an asterisk next to any questions you had problems with so you can spend extra time with them when you are studying.


Suggestions on Studying:


  1. Don’t eat, drink, or listen to music while studying. Ignore the phone. These things distract you, you don’t learn as much and IT TAKES LONGER.


  1. Each night go back and review the previous sections. Look at several problems from each section (How was each problem done? Where did I make mistakes?) Don’t wait till the day before the test it is harder, more stressful, and overall it takes longer to cram the night before the test.


  1. Go back and do most if not all of the homework problems a few days before the test. (Especially the ones you had trouble with.) When doing these problems don’t look at the work you did previously until you are satisfied you have the correct answer. You won’t have these notes on the test. Make sure you can do it on your own. If you don’t get it right, look at where you went wrong then find several similar problems to do. Make a note on a separate piece of paper about the mistake you made. Keep a list and go back and study this list.






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