Recommendation Forms

College Recommendation Request Form for Mrs. Yorke

Colleges/Private Schools want to hear about some of the following topics when I write my recommendation. Please choose 2 or three (or more) of them to write about. Please explain how you exhibited these traits in my class. Please use specific examples. After you do this we will talk about whether I am the right person to write your recommendation.

Intellectual Prowess

  1. Maturity
  2. Motivation
  3. Consistency of Performance
  4. Independence
  5. Originality
  6. Initiative
  7. Leadership potential
  8. Self Confidence
  9. Capacity for personal growth(ex.: open mindedness to different people.)
  10. Enthusiasm
  11. Energy
  12. Ability to communicate
  13. Special talent/ Unique quality
  14. Peer Relationships
  15. Reaction to setbacks.

What are the 3 words that would best describe you?

__________________    __________________    __________________  

Summer Program Recommendation Request Form 

Summer Programs/Courses want to hear about why you are interested in the program/course that you are applying to.  Please share with me how your found out about this program and why it is that you would like to attend.

Option II Recommendation Request Form 

Colleges/Private Schools want some examples of your ability to persist with challenging material, how you study and complete coursework independently, and how you organize your own learning.  Please use specific examples.