Class Expectations

Ms. Swartz's Class Expectations


Our goal is to create an environment where all students are able to learn and grow as a class and as individuals. We can accomplish this together by applying the following principle: Our classroom is a place of mutual respect! More specifically, this means

Respect for yourself- be who you are! There is no one else like you J

Respect for each other (including belongings)

Respect for our school surroundings

Respect for the learning process

This is a rigorous curriculum that will require hard work and concentration every day…BUT if we can all abide by the above expectations we can also have a lot of fun doing it!!

What I Expect From You

ARRIVE ON TIME: Be in your seat, ready to learn when the bell rings. All rules regarding class credit will be dictated by the WWPHS attendance policy. Each late, cut, and absence will be carefully documented. However, I understand you have a lot of stuff to carry and sometimes have a far way to travel, so I will be forgiving (to a certain extent) regarding infrequent tardiness.

Referring to the above expectation, if you take advantage of the fact that I am forgiving- that leniency will be taken away. Again, this is a place of mutual respect.

BE PREPARED: With your pencil, homework, calculator, and binder/notebook every day.

TECHNOLOGY: No cell-phones or other devices are to be visible in this class (except for when I say they are allowed- technology can be an incredibly helpful tool if used appropriately)

FOOD AND DRINK: You should do your best to eat breakfast before coming to class and make an effort to eat lunch during lunch.  You may eat a snack in class as long as it does not disrupt the class.

LAVATORY: You are expected to use the lavatory between classes; a pass will be available but this is a privilege- abuse it and it will be taken away (That respect thing again…)

RAISE YOUR HAND: To respond, comment, or ask a question in this class unless otherwise notified.  

GET HELP: Take responsibility for your own learning and seek out help should it be needed. 

Bring your enthusiasm, ideas, and individuality to this class! It’s going to be a great year!!


Your grade will be based on classwork, homework, formal assessments, labs, and projects according to WWP policies. MAKE SURE TO SHOW ALL WORK!!

It is your responsibility to keep up with assignments and to make up work missed due to an absence. If you participate in a field trip or are going on vacation that requires you to miss class, please notify me in advance so work can be completed on time.

I am available to help you most days before or after school and different times throughout the school day. Again, you are expected to take responsibility for your own learning and to seek out help should it be needed.