Course Description

Honors Biology

Grades: 9-10
6 Credits YR

Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in Geometry or higher.

Course Criteria: Minimum 80% Sem. 1 Course Avg. in Previous College Prep Science Course or 70% in previous Honors Science Course. OR “B” or higher in 8th grade science.

Biology is a laboratory course designed to meet the needs of all students. The course of study takes the student through six major areas of Biological study; Science as a Process, Matter and Energy, Interdependence of Life, Evolution and Diversity,  Heredity and Reproduction, and Structure and Function of Life. This course is structured to utilize an inquiry approach to discovering the nature of science as students engage in real-life content. The nature of scientific inquiry is threaded 
throughout the course as students engage in problem solving, data analyzing, observing, communicating.

Note that the Honors Biology course differs from the regular college preparatory courses in terms of the level of expectations placed on the students, the amount of independent work expected, the pace of coverage of content, the expected skill level and the breadth and depth of the content covered.