The Nature of Science: Introduction to Honors Biology
In this Introductory Unit, we have been discussing a number of important questions. We began by asking "How do we maintain both an emotionally and physically safe classroom climate?" We went over all the safety rules for lab and then each student was assigned a particular Quality of Character. Each person in the class is an Ambassador of a particular quality, such as integrity, respect, or honesty. 

We began with a Termite Lab: an investigation into whether Papermate pens contain a chemical that mimics the pheromone of a particular kind of subterranean termite from the Southwest United States. Students re-familiarized themselves with the scientific method and designed their own investigations. 

We have also been reading about scientists such as Koch, Pasteur, and Leeuwenhoek and discussing what particular personality traits scientists have. We asked "What are the habits of minds of a scientist?" and we have discussed what it means to think and behave like a scientist.

In the week of 9/21 - 9/25, students will be introduced to the Young Naturalist Award project and will begin thinking about what they might like to investigate on their own. Also, we will learn about the tools of the biological laboratory, especially the light microscope.

The following week, 9/28 - 10/2, students will be tested on the entire introductory unit of the course. The exact date of the test will be announced next week.

Dr. Katherine M. Heavers