College Recommendations

College Recommendations

I am happy to write college recommendations.

The Process:

Below you will find three items that you should use when submitting your information to me. Please note that I have modified the questionnaire given to you by guidance for your teachers. I am looking for more in-depth and thoughtful responses.

All questionnaire's must be e-mailed no later than 11:59:59 PM on June 20

Student questionnaire: Please click here to download a MS Word file containing the Naviance college recommendation questions that you fill out for teachers. You may either e-mail me back the word document or place your answers to these questions in Naviance. IF you place your answers in Naviance, please send me an email letting me know; I do not receive updates from the software.

Adding a Recommendation Request in Naviance: On the Colleges tab, click on 'colleges I am applying to.' Scroll down to 'Teacher Recommendation'-->Add Request.

In the fall, please share which colleges you will be applying to either in person or through email. In the college application packet from guidance there is a form for teachers that summarizes 'school' and 'deadline.'

If you have any school's not accepting electronic submissions please follow the  guidelines on the Instructions form below to fill in any required information. Place all forms and envelopes into a folder. If you hand me loose papers, I will not accept them.

– Requested means you asked me to write a letter.
– Received means I have the completed questionnaire and you sent a teacher recommendation request through Naviance.
– In Progress means you have given me the completed questionnaire and you are in the queue for writing.
– Completed
means that I wrote your letter and uploaded it to Naviance. If you have any schools not using the electronic system, the next step will be to get me the envelopes and packets along with the recommendation form to be sent to colleges.

Please check the listing below for information pertaining to your college recommendation letters.

 Student Status
Fatima M. Requested
Tianyi P. Received
Sharon L.  Received
Amisha T.  Received
 Omar D. Requested
Niki G.  Received
 Sam F. Received
 Julia M. Received
Ankitha J.  Received
Michael K.  Received
Sunil C.  Requested
 Rachel J. Received
 Snehi M. Received
 Shefali K. Received
Andy Z.  Received
 Sam T-H. Requested
 Marina L. Received
 Anvi A.  Received
 Emma M-S. Received 
 Natalie O. Received
 Adrian C. Received
 Chelsea G. Received
Rohan N.  Requested
 Sam M. Requested
 Rithvik C. Received


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