Waves and Sound

Waves and Sound

Review Sheet and Solutions

Waves 1: Longitudinal and Transverse 

Waves Notes

Waves 2: Wave Movement and Simulation

 PhET Simulation: Waves on a String

Waves 3: The Wave Equation


Finding the Epicenter Activity
More practice with triangulation: be a Virtual Seismologist Activity and Web Site

Powers of Ten

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Scale of Universe: Interactive

What are the characteristics of the Electromagnetic Spectrum? Diagram (page 2 only)

NASA: Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum: Video **Excellent Resource

A Virtual Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum: Introduction

The Electromagnetic Spectrum Song!

Doppler Effect

Waves 4: Doppler Effect

The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon as the Doppler Effect

Doppler Effect Second Simulation (if the first does not load)

Red Shift/Blue Shift

red shift blue shift

Railroad Example

Car Train Whistle Example


Sound 1: Observation Experiments

What does sound look like?

Sound 2: The Human Ear Webquest

Useful web sites:
Journey into the world of hearing
Neuroscience for kids

Sound 3: Harmonics and Solutions

Sound 4: Harmonics Problem Solving and Solutions

Sound 5: Sound in your life project

52 Hertz: The Loneliest Whale: EarthSky and Discovery

A trip inside the Cochlear

Bang Goes the Theory: Train Station Hearing Test

Sound Examples (pretty cool website)

Bell in a bell jar:

Buzzer in a vacuum:


Higher pitch example (helium)

Lower pitch example (sulfur hexafluoride)

Breaking a wine glass using your voice:

Violin Open A String Tuning

Flute Scales in C

Visualizing Sound Waves

Beats Simulation

Tuning Fork Beats Example

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse

OK Go: Needing/Getting

The Magic School Bus: In the Haunted House

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