Links and References

Links and References

ISLE Cycle Poster

Experimental Uncertainty Reading

Quiz Recovery Reflection Guidelines Document

Class Twitter site (follow @msbuggescience and mention #wwpphysics)

PhET: University of Colorado Physics Education Simulations

ActivPhys: Active Physics Simulations

J-Track 3D: Track the real-time movement of satellites around the Earth

Impact: Earth: Theoretical meteor impacts and the resulting effects (Try it!)

A Slower Speed of Light: MIT Game Lab (Try it!)

PT3: Rutgers University Physics Education Video Resources

The Physics Factbook: Relating physics quantities to the real world

Fun with Dimensional Analysis

A+ Physics Regents Math Review

CTL Algebra Based Physics

WolframAlpha: Math resource

Feynman Lectures on Physics (Full versions!!)

Resource for Modern Physics Topics

The Physics Classroom

Khan Academy: Mini Physics Lectures

Veritasium Science Videos

Dan Fullerton videos on YouTube

Research, Literature, and Current News Articles on Learning

Rewiring the Brain DUE BY 11:59:59 pm Tuesday, September 11th

Choose one of the following articles or TED talks and reflect on the piece in 200 words or less. I am looking for your reaction to the article or talk, not a summary. Please reflect in the Google Classroom assignment document by 11:59:59 pm Tuesday, September 11. Include the title of the article or video at the top of your reflection. We will discuss these articles and talks in class.

Why do some people learn faster? ARTICLE

What if the Secret to Success is Failure? ARTICLE

Don't Blink! The Hazards of Confidence ARTICLE


TEDx Eastside Prep: Can Skateboarding Save our Schools?

Daniel Pink on the Surprising Science of Motivation


David Hammer: Two Approaches to Learning Physics 
David Hammer published his paper Two Approaches to Learning Physics in The Physics Teacher in December of 1989. Please read the paper. Some of the physics concepts might not make sense yet, that is OK- we are going to learn them! On your own, please reflect on what you think is the message of this article. Who do you think is Hammer's intended audience? Why did he choose to publish this study? 

Recommended Reading: Additional Current News on Learning

US News Article: High School Students Need to Think, Not Memorize 

New Republic: Ivy League Schools are Overrated. Send Your Kids Elsewhere (and Rebuttal)

Nature: Why we are teaching science wrong, and how to make it right
New York Times: What it's like as a 'Girl' in the Lab

Why I no longer use groups in the classroom Article

How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries

Learning does not equal Listening

Ever find yourself seriously confused (and frustrated) with physics?'re learning.

 NASA's Fermi Telescope finds Giant Structure in our galaxy (and NYTimes article)

Light in Motion: A Photon Captured on Camera


Ever wanted to play TETRIS on a building? MIT did just that


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