Unit 5 (chapters 13-14)

Unit 5 – The West and Growing Tensions over Slavery

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John Gast, American Progress

"Tragic Prelude" by John Steuart Curry

Textbook questions:

Chapter 13: Moving West

  1. Define Manifest Destiny.
  2. List the sequence of events resulting in the acquisition of Texas, New Mexico,California and Oregon. Date the major territorial acquisitions of the U.S. between 1803 and 1853.
  3. Describe the typical emigrant and three motives leading to the decision to migrate to the Far West.
  4. Compare and contrast opportunities on the mining and farming frontiers.
  5. List four ways in which white emigration affected the livelihood of Plains Indians.
  6. Explain the terms of the Laramie Council agreements and assess their impact on red-white relations.
  7. Contrast the experience of Mexican-Americans in Texas, New Mexico and California.

 Chapter 14: The Union in Peril

  1. Describe the differing cultural values of the South and North and each section’s view of the other, and explain how these cultural differences helped lead to Civil War.
  2. Explain four proposals for dealing with the territories acquired in the Mexican War and the four provisions of the Compromise of 1850.
  3. Describe the breakdown of political parties in the early 1850s, explaining the disappearance of old parties and emergence of new ones.
  4. Outline the course of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and explain how it affected politics and sectional animosities in the mid-1850s.
  5. Explain America’s expansionist interest in Latin America.
  6. Describe how the events in Kansas in 1855 and 1866, the Dred Scott case, the emotional events of 1859-1860, and the election of Lincoln led to the secession crisis and the outbreak of the Civil War.
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