Unit 6 (chapters 15-16)

Unit 6 – Civil War and Reconstruction

Textbook questions:

Chapter 15: The Union Severed

  1. Compare and contrast the balance of resources in the North and the South at the beginning and end of the war.
  2. State the significance of the border states to both the Union and the Confederacy.
  3. Explain the basic military strategies of each side.
  4. List the various manpower and financial measures taken by the Confederate and Union governments during the course of the war.
  5. Describe the origins, purposes, and provisions of the Emancipation Proclamation and its impact on race relations.
  6. List the ways in which Lincoln and Davis expanded presidential powers.
  7. Describe the participation of women and African Americans in the war.
  8. Analyze why the North won the war and the South lost.

Chapter 16: The Union Reconstructured

  1. State some of the particular goals of three groups – the freedpeople, white southerners, and white northerners – at the end of the Civil War.
  2. Describe the situation and mood of the country at the end of the Civil War and describe the first programs and actions of southern whites and former slaves as they redefined race relations in 1865.
  3. Explain President Johnson’s reconstruction program and contrast it with Congress’s alternative program.
  4. Name and explain three important acts and three constitutional amendments that were part of the Republican Reconstruction program.
  5. Explain the arrangements for working the land that developed between white landowners and the former slaves and describe the terms of a typical work contract.
  6. Describe the character of Republican state governments in the South during Reconstruction – Who ruled? How well? For how long? How did these governments come to an end?
  7. Explain how Reconstruction ended and assess its effectiveness.

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