Unit 7 (chapters 17-19)

Unit 7 – The Gilded Age 

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Harper's Weekly, August 19th, 1871

Textbook questions:

Chapter 17: Rural America: The West and the New South

  1. List four ways in which farmers responded to the new conditions of the post-CivilWar period.
  2. Describe three ways in which the development of the Plains frontier was linked to technological advances.
  3. Identify the steps leading to the Dawes Act and describe its terms and results.
  4. Explain the goals of the New South spokesmen and contrast the realities of industrial and agricultural development with these goals.
  5. Describe the steps that stripped blacks of their political rights and the implementation of “Jim Crow” laws, and outline the various black responses.
  6. List the major planks of the Ocala Platform in 1890.

 Chapter 18: The Rise of Smokestack America

  1. List three ways in which big business contributed to economic growth and three reasons why big business contributed to economic instability.
  2. Describe the physical and social arrangements of the industrial city and neighborhoodlife.
  3. Describe important changes in middle-class life.
  4. Explain how late 19th century industrialism changed the composition of theworkforce, and state why working-class Americans often had to depend on the labor of their children.
  5. Identify the different positions taken by workers on individualism, union activity, and the pace of production.
  6. Describe two major incidents of working-class activism and their outcomes.

Chapter 19: Politics and Reform

  1. Characterize Gilded Age politicians, party campaigns, and the two political parties, and briefly explain the major national issues of the late 19th century and legislation that addressed these issues.
  2. Compare national politics with local politics and identify 3 local political issues of the late 19th century.
  3. Define the following terms: Gospel of Wealth, social Darwinism, reform Darwinism, pragmatism, Social Gospel, Gilded Age.
  4. Describe the purpose and the programs of the settlement house movement, the Social Gospel and the urban reformers.
  5. State and briefly explain the results of 3 areas of legislation Congress considered in 1890 and explain the causes of the depression of 1893-1897.
  6. Explain the party strategies, campaign issues and results of the election of 1896.

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