Unit 8 (chapters 21)

Unit 8 - The Progressive Era

A list of websites providing information on many of the Progressive reformershttp://www.westirondequoit.org/ihs/library/prog2.htm

Textbook questions:


Chapter 21: The Progressives Confront Industrial Capitalism

  1. List and briefly describe several reform goals of the progressives and their views on child labor, working women, education and vice.
  2. Outline the differing goals and programs for factory reform held by working-class leaders and by progressives.
  3. List and briefly describe the major goals and programs of municipal reformers and progressive reformers at the state level.
  4. Describe Theodore Roosevelt’s attitude toward and programs for trusts, conservation, and race relations, and show how they are different from those of William Howard Taft.
  5. Describe the Progressive Party and its programs.
  6. Explain the major pieces of progressive legislation passed during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.

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