Approval Process

Option ii Approval Process

1. Complete the online Option ii Approval Form by April 1st for summer work, August 25th for the fall semester or January 15th for the spring semester.Students should enroll in a minimum 120 hour comprehensive course for full year (5 credits) or a minimum 60 hour comprehensive course for half year (2.5 credits).

2. The principal’s advisory committee, including the appropriate academic supervisor and school counselor, will approve or reject the application.  Email notification will be sent to the parent/guardian and the student.  

3. For those option ii courses requiring successful completion of a district assessment, students must take the final exam specified on the designated testing date as specified on the approval form.  Students should arrive to the test site at the specified time/date with two No. 2 pencils and a valid photo identification.  An RSVP with the school or guidance department is not required.  For summer option ii courses, make-up exams will not be offered until after the start of the school year. 

4. Upon receipt of an official transcript and successful completion of the WW-P final exam, the transcript will be updated and, if necessary, the student’s schedule is adjusted if space permits. 

5. Option ii courses are approved by the district based on course delivery and alignment to the New Jersey Core Content Standards but do not guarantee to cover all units of study per the equivalent WW-P course.  It is the student’s responsibility to review and compare the content of any option ii course with that of the equivalent WW-P course.  Students who are required to take a WW-P assessment for any Option ii course are expected to know the content and demonstrate the skills of the equivalent WW-P course.  WW-P curriculum documents are available for review on the district web site ( under Departments / Curriculum / Curriculum Documents.

*If a student is seeking credit for languages not offered at WW-P, he/she will not take a WW-P final exam.  Please see the Program of Studies for more information:

Examples of rationales for request:

  • To fulfill a specific graduation requirement
  • To be eligible to take a specific course in September
  • To accommodate an irreconcilable conflict in the schedule
  • To explore an area of interest not offered through WWPHS curriculum

If you have any further questions regarding the option ii process, please seek advice from your son or daughter’s high school counselor.